Albia City Council Regular Meeting

Monday, May 1, 2017




Mayor Richard Clark called the regular meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. All council members were present, Tom Adler, Bryon Stilley, Merle Regenold, Andy Coe Brian Bell and Dennis Conley.

Other officials present were Bob Breckenridge-City Attorney, Jay Andrews-Chief of Police, Bill Murphy-Sanitation Commissioner, Jeff Stephens-Street Commissioner and Linda Heller-City Clerk.


Regenold moved, Conley seconded to approve minutes from the meeting held April 17, 2017 and carried 6-0. Adler moved, Stilley seconded to approve claims as mailed and carried 6-0.


Briefly, discussed with no action was sewer problems at the intersection of 2nd Street and 2nd Ave. Sanitation Commissioner will address.


Ordinance was presented to allow civil action to allow for collection of costs imposed for nuisance and demolition abatements. After consideration, Stilley moved, Adler seconded to approve 1st reading of ordinance 853 allowing civil action for collection of fees for nuisance and demolition abatements, motion carried 6-0.


Action regarding fencing requirements in the City of Albia was deferred while examples of other city’s ordinances are gathered. Moved by Adler and seconded by Regenold and carried 6-0.


Airport crop rent bids were reviewed, 3 bids were considered for annual rent

1.     David Poe- $7,002.00

2.     Jason Crall-$10,215.00

3.     Jesse Maddy-$5,650.00

Conley moved, Coe seconded to approve and accept bid of annual rent of $10,215.00 from Jason Crall and carried 6-0.


One bid was received from Norris Asphalt, Ottumwa, IA for the 2017 Street Project, in the amount of $837,377.00. This resurface around 60 blocks of streets. Bell moved, Adler seconded to accept the bid of $837,377.00 from Norris Asphalt and carried 6-0.


Tom Meyers, Albia Eagles addressed the council regarding a fundraiser for the Welcome Home Soldier Memorial. This will be a motorcycle ride and will be blocking off A Ave East in front of Eagles. Mayor granted permission to close the street June 10, 2017 for Albia Eagles, City will provide cones as needed.


Council discussed with no formal action: former Hotel and actions to take for the demolition, complaints received on properties in town. Also discussed was updating the web site of the City and look at other city sites for ideas.


Supervisors Reports: City Attorney reported that the first six houses that were served for demolition, time will expire at the end of May. Chief of Police reported that there are additional grant funds to be spent on equipment. Street Commissioner reported that there have been problems with illegal dumping at the brush dump.


Meeting adjourned 6:50 p.m.





                                                            Richard Clark, Mayor






Linda Heller

City Clerk